The Venezuelans

This article was written by a Norwegian living in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, a very good tale of her experience of the goods and no so goods of “Venezuelan culture”, worth a reading.

Vivo en un Mundo Loco

First of all let me just say I am overwhelmed by the response to this blog. I had no idea so many people would read it and all the positive comments motivates me to write more. Before writing about other things I have experienced I want to say something about the Venezuelan people. It is hard to describe an entire people and generalizations will never be true for everyone. Nevertheless I want to describe Venezuelans the best way I can without being neither mean nor biased. These characterizations are based on subjective generalizations and personal experiences from living in Venezuela. I don’t think this will offend the Venezuelans, as they are not easily offended…

First of all I have to say that Venezuelans are unusually friendly. I mean, you will get friends in Venezuela whether you want it or not. Everywhere you go people want to talk to you…

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